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Denver EPA meeting Tues and Wed already full with speakers

  With its first-ever plan to reduce carbon emissions through power plants, the Environmental Protection Agency’s nationwide public hearings this week are expected to...

Western Tradition Partnership targets Salazar on alleged monument memo

Western Tradition Partnership (WTP), a conservative nonprofit with its political fingers in everything from energy production to commercial development by mega-churches, is now reportedly...

Penry-passed pit-liner bill to protect groundwater upheld by Denver judge

A bill mandating stricter handling of oil and gas brine that was passed in 2008 by strange bedfellows Josh Penry, R-Grand Junction, in the...

Study finds coal-bed methane production could foul water in Moffat County

A study being conducted by the Colorado Geological Survey (CGS) shows the very real potential for groundwater contamination by coal-bed methane production in the...

Oil shale water-rights battle brewing over Shell’s Yampa River claim

Towns and counties along the Yampa River in rural Northwest Colorado are starting to gird for battle against mighty Shell Oil, which in December filed a claim on the Yampa for enough water to fill a proposed reservoir for future oil shale production.
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