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Montrose councilwoman Ellis caught at airport packing heat

Kathy was pulled aside by screeners at the Montrose County Regional Airport. They found a .25-caliber semi-automatic Browning handgun in her purse, a class 6 felony that could land her two years in prison with a $100,000 fine to pay.

DOE gets an earful on uranium mine leasing program near Telluride,...

Depends where you were last week when the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) took feedback on its uranium mine leasing program in southwest Colorado. In some places like Telluride, according to media reports, the feds met with stiff resistance. Others, like Montrose, the reaction was more mixed.

Uranium trains continue to criss-cross Utah as Moab project hits milestone

One of the rationales frequently trotted out in support of a proposed uranium mill in western Montrose County is that it won’t impact outdoor...

Western Slope Round-Up: Keeping Problems Contained

Poop Problem Puzzles Politicians Whither Did Waste Go? Doo-Doo Dump Down Delta Decries Councilmen Concerned about Crapper Caper No, we don't make these stories up. Just the headlines....