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Moonlighting criticism in Colorado secretary of state race raises new questions...

Republican Secretary of State Wayne Williams’s recent acknowledgement that he spends up to 15 hours a week moonlighting as a private attorney has come...

As Stapleton-SonomaWest purchase steams ahead, transparency recedes

Details concerning Colorado Treasurer Walker Stapleton's lucrative moonlighting arrangement with the California real estate firm he used to head will soon move out of public view. Stapleton's family finance business, Denver-based Stapleton Acquisitions Company, has announced it has completed its tender offer to purchase all SonomaWest common stock not presently held by the Stapleton family and Stapleton Acquisitions and that the deal to take SonomaWest private will likely be completed in the coming weeks.

With Clear the Bench brief, Sec of State Gessler draws more...

Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler filed a brief with the attorney general last week supporting an appeal brought by election-politics group Clear the Bench in a campaign finance case. Gessler defended the group as a private attorney in the original case and so his support now as secretary of state is sure to raise more questions about his ability to serve the public without treading across ethical boundaries.
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