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‘Mother Jones’ arms the public with gun-violence numbers

One of our readers, CU Boulder science teacher Douglas Duncan, wrote to us about our coverage of gun control at the Statehouse. “I teach...

Beware the mustache, fraudulent voters!

  Desperate Dems, take note! You may have supported the Republican-loathed election-modernization act HB 1303 mandating that mail-in ballots be sent to all registered voters and...

Ludlow: One hundred years of silence

For three generations, one topic was out of bounds for the Petrucci family. Ludlow.

The show may not go on: Congress takes on exotic and...

Elephants dancing in skirts, bears riding tricycles and lions leaping through flaming hoops could become distant memories if a bill U.S. Rep. Jared Polis is co-sponsoring gains traction in Washington.

Why are the Kochs so afraid of Obama?

Audio smuggled out of the right-wing billionaire benefactor Koch Brothers' secret meeting in Beaver Creek last month has made headlines for the red-meat rhetoric it captured and for identifying the high-profile attendees who sneaked in and out of the event. The fact that Charles Koch welcomed the crowd by referring to the coming presidential election as a Saddam Hussein-style "mother of all wars" is unsurprising but also unsettling-- and not just because it's an aggressive overstatement. It's unsettling because there's a mystery tied to it. The vehemence of the call to action-- the high-intensity language and the plea for round after round of million-dollar donations-- seems poorly matched with the threat to the Kochs and their friends posed by the nation's conservative Democratic president.

Leaked tape reveals Koch brothers’ conservative donors

A list of billionaire industrialists and conservative magnates that help fund Charles and David Koch’s far-reaching empire was released by Mother Jones magazine Tuesday. The list was culled from an audio recording of Charles Koch announcing high-dollar donors at a retreat in Vail, Colo., in late June.
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