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Ali Hasan’s magical mystery tour revs up again for state treasurer...

Beaver Creek filmmaker, occasional TV personality and maverick Muslim and Republican politician Ali Hasan semi-officially announced his run for state treasurer in Eagle County...

Hasan may run for state treasurer in 2010

Ali Hasan won’t take no for answer when it comes to the mountain monorail. The Beaver Creek Republican who won Eagle County but lost Lake and Summit counties and therefore his really expensive bid for the state legislature, ran on a platform of promising a monorail in every pot. That mass transit solution to I-70 weekend gridlock resonated with some voters, but clearly not enough, so Hasan now says he may do an end-run around the legislative approach and run for state treasurer in 2010 -- an office where he could show the feasibility of his financial formula for mountain mass transit. He also wants to see a similar train along the I-25 corridor.