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Rock the Vote: Still doing its thing

  It began in the era of MTV -- that is, as the olds say, in the era when MTV still played music videos and...

Primary election stats suggest GOP youth-voter catastrophe will continue

Low turnout among youth voters for the Republican Super Tuesday primary contests suggests the GOP is making a major strategy misstep this year, analysts told the Colorado Independent. They said that Republican campaign messages to young people are mostly absent, weak or a turn-off and they called youth outreach efforts uninspired. They said the party looks to be continuing a disastrous trend sure to be exploited in the general election by President Obama, the man whose candidacy drew out young people as voters and volunteers in record numbers in 2008.

Is that a Colorado Congressman on your MTV?

Bad hair, inarticulate roommates, drunken sex, floundering twentysomethings and U.S. Congressman Jared Polis. It's MTV's RealWorld DC, of course! They've finally stopped taping in downtown...
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