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If the media are the message, what are we being told?

Right now, you are looking at an Internet news site. The content is free to the users (you). It is updated multiple times throughout...

In Colorado Springs, health benefits secured and on display

A nasty back and forth erupted in the last hours before the health care reform bill passed last week over whether the bill would cut TRICARE health benefits for veterans. On the ground in Colorado, the mental health benefits of TRICARE coverage are literally on display from now through June at the Colorado springs Fine Arts Center, the product of an 11-week course called “Military Creative Expressions” for Wounded Warriors-- military personnel suffering a variety of physical and mental wounds, including post traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury.

Bad old media: Time’s take on the King of Pop

Michael Jackson was an all-time great legendary performer. The rest of the story of his life, you could say, is less about him and more about the crazy celebrity-obsessed media of the era in which he lived, our era. And the too-clever exploitative opening of Time Magazine's obituary underlines the problem, and in that way at least, is sadly appropriate. Colorado Independent Friday readers, permit this digression, please.

The death of print journalism

© Copyright 2008  David Fitzsimmons - All Rights Reserved. © Copyright 2008 David Fitzsimmons - All Rights Reserved. Click the image to see the full-size cartoon. Read more about the impending decline of print journalism.

Denver honors its military veterans

(Photo/Bob Spencer)Thousands of supporters turned out for this year’s Veterans Day celebration in Denver. Some lined the streets to honor men and women in uniform while others congregated at the Veterans' Memorial to mourn lives lost. The one constant at both gatherings — a deep and abiding respect for their service. For more, view the audio slideshow inside.

Colorado’s donkeys and elephants party on election night

(Photo/Bob Spencer)A profoundly historic moment unfolded at both the Colorado political parties' election night watch parties. View the photo gallery to capture the highs and lows.

Countdown to Election Day in pictures

Join us as we reminisce on this long campaign season beginning with the Colorado Republican Party's state convention to Election Day preparations in Denver.

Obama makes historic appearance in Denver

(Photo/Bob Spencer)Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama made history in Denver Sunday — he headlined the largest political rally in Colorado ever as well as his campaign's biggest U.S. event to date. View the photo slideshow below.

Clinton makes first Colorado appearance for Obama

(Photo/Bob Spencer)Following a bruising primary campaign, former First Lady and now New York Sen. Hillary Clinton delivered a rousing speech on behalf of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama to 1,800 supporters in an Aurora, Colo. park. Read our speech analysis and view the photo gallery below.

UPDATED: Liveblog: McCain rally in Denver

Abreast a giant American flag on the stage of the National Western Arena a packed rally for GOP presidential nominee John McCain is getting underway. NEW: Photo gallery of the rally and protester arrests. See inside.
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