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Teacher tenure ‘juggernaut’ bill clears Senate, faces tougher battle in House

SB 191, the teacher tenure bill that has divided traditional political allies and made for strange-bedfellows in the State Legislature this session, passed on...

Romer pot bill looks to put new controls in place, sparks...

Denver-- State Sens. Chris Romer, D-Denver, and Nancy Spence, R-Centennial, introduced legislation today that would more strictly regulate the medical marijuana industry. The controversial bill includes language that, among other things, would circumscribe doctor-patient relationships and payment, require patient records be set aside for state review and set up a seven-member panel to review prescriptions written to anyone under 21. Marijuana rights advocates have already taken a strong stance against the proposed regulations and are urging supporters to call on state lawmakers to vote against the bill.

Colo. education commissioner Jones remembers to reimburse state for calls

Called out by reporters, Colorado Commissioner of Education Dwight Jones continues to cut back on his spendthrift ways. Jones recently returned $940 to the state,...

Budget reform bill sparks partisan fracas in Colorado Senate

Heated exchange preceded today's debate on Colorado Senate Bill 228, which seeks to repeal the the so-called "6 percent solution," the long-established and controversial cap on General Fund growth. The new bill would give lawmakers increased flexibility to decide how to allocate Colorado's shrinking state budget. Animated members of the Republican minority trolled the speaker's podium this morning, taking turns calling out House Majority Leader Brandon Shaffer (D-Longmont) on his decision to move debate on the bill to later in the day and for threatening to invoke procedural gag rule 9-C, which would limit discussion to five hours.

Colorado’s legislative leadership picks could include some surprises

And you thought the election was over? Colorado lawmakers are meeting today to pick new leaders charged with keeping the Capitol running smoothly, and, with Democrat Bernie Buescher unexpectedly out of the picture, a couple of surprises are in store for the donkeys. Over on the Republican side, a reported coup may be in the works.

CBI Still Working on Spence Investigation

Yesterday the progressive organization Progress Now sent out an e-mail to its members asking for tips in trying to find out who was behind...

One Expensive Loophole

Fighting theft can cost a lot. Especially if it's against the elderly. That's according to a bill that passed through the Senate Judiciary Committee...
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