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Abortion politics flare as fetal homicide bill advances

DENVER — Senate Republicans on the Judiciary Committee advanced a fetal homicide bill Wednesday night that, for limited use, would write “personhood” language associated...

Personhood spokesperson: Stories about fetus litigation simply made up

Lolita Hanks, Colorado Right to Life board member and a spokesperson for the 2010 Colorado Personhood ballot initiative, told 710 KNUS talk-radio host John Andrews today that stories detailing the legal threats personhood laws might pose to pregnant women were just fabrications designed to scare voters. "But what about all the hypotheticals where attorneys would be retained on behalf of an unborn child, perhaps to litigate against the mother of that child?" asked Andrews. "Well I just think that's just scare tactics," Hanks said

Anti-abortion ‘personhood’ measures shrink the rights of women

Eight months pregnant, confused and suffering psychological disorders, Jessica Clyburn jumped from a fifth story window in South Carolina. According to the media, she had attempted unsuccessfully to commit suicide. According to the District Attorneys office, she had committed murder. "Clyburn survived but suffered a stillbirth as a result of the fall. She was arrested on homicide charges and is still being held without bail," attorney Lynn M. Paltrow, founder and executive director of National Advocates for Pregnant Women told the Colorado Independent.
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