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Perry touts misleading job growth stats at gathering for state legislatures

Gov. Rick Perry delivered his signature anti-Washington, states’ rights rhetoric to a packed theater at the National Conference for State Legislatures in San Antonio Wednesday, lauding Texas as the “epicenter of job growth,” pointing to 40 percent increase of new U.S. jobs created in the state as proof.

More efficient cars creating challenges for highway funding

Most highway construction and maintenance today gets paid for at the pump, in the form of gas and diesel taxes, both state and federal. So how will electric cars pay their share?

Gates Foundation funds made available for state Race to the Top...

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has announced that it will open up its offer of financial help with the Race to the Top...

Colorado initiative process reaches a tipping point

Colorado voters are making too much law and the wrong kind of law at the ballot box, according to a growing list of elected officials, analysts and experts. Critics of the state's famously loose ballot-initiative process agree it unnecessarily opens up the state constitution to improperly vetted amendments, which are extremely difficult to rework or repeal. The result: Bad laws that bog down government and generate extended and expensive lawsuits.

Philly To Boston: A Night And Day Contrast

The names, "American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)" and "National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)" are enough - especially in the relatively bureaucratic-free summertime  -...
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