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White House effort to relax NEPA environmental protections met with pushback...

Lyla June Johnston, an activist and member of the Diné, or Navajo, nation, drove six hours from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Denver to...

GAO rips BLM for sidestepping NEPA on oil and gas leases

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 rather famously – or infamously, depending on your point of view – allowed for a Safe Drinking Water...

Roadless areas come under threat in Bush’s waning days

The battle over management of Colorado's 4.4 million acres has abruptly intensified, after years of federal intervention, state resistance and legal wrangling dating back to the final days of the Clinton administration. At stake, according to a coalition of environmental groups fighting to protect roadless areas, is whether wide swaths of relatively unscathed national forest will be made more accessible to motorized vehicles, allowing incursion by logging companies, oil and gas drilling, construction of water pipelines and power transmission lines, and expansion by the state's ski industry.
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