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Guest Post: Soldiers at the border stopping drugs? Not gonna happen.

NOTE: The Colorado Independent occasionally runs guest posts from government officials, local experts and concerned citizens on a variety of topics. These posts are meant to...

Littwin: Ladies and gentleman, Not-Wingnut Bob for governor

Bob Beauprez is not Tom Tancredo. That's the whole reason Republicans nominated him to run for governor. That's the reason he was recruited. The...

Weathering disaster

"We've had the worst flooding in the history of the state and yet, because of the shutdown, we don't have the resources to address it," Hickenlooper said.

In calling himself mainstream, Renfroe jumpstarts senate race

On the floor of the state senate, firebrand social conservative lawmaker Scott Renfroe has compared homosexuality to murder and lambasted the governor for not calling out the national guard on medical marijuana protesters. But Renfroe is up for reelection and told a reporter from his hometown Greeley Tribune this weekend that he was merely a "mainstream Republican" whose values were in line with those of his constituents. A lot of Coloradans would disagree and they have disagreed, some directly to former Weld County deputy district attorney Ken Storck, who is running against Renfroe precisely to bring more mainstream representation to Senate District 13.

Perlmutter commends Obama decision to send Guard to border

Colorado 7th District Democratic Congressman Ed Perlmutter — running for his third term in a difficult political environment for incumbents — praised President Obama’s...

Renfroe: Call out national guard on pot protesters, confiscate medical cards

Greeley Republican state Senator Scott Renfroe told his Senate colleagues Wednesday during debate on medical marijuana regulation that the large April 20 pro-pot rally...

Tom Tancredo: Sarcastic twitter blogger

Former Colorado Congressman, anti-illegal alien firebrand, talk-radio host, Republican candidate thorn-in-side Tom Tancredo has taken his long mockery of newly non-mavericked Arizona Sen. John...

Boyles: Spanish-language National Guard recruitment part of globalist plot

KHOW talk-radio host Peter Boyles Monday agreed with a caller that the National Guard NFL playoff TV advertisements in Spanish were designed to attract...
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