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EPA’s Jackson touts Colorado as leader in energy and environmental politics

DENVER-- Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson spoke Monday at the National Jewish Respiratory Hospital here as a member of a panel discussing the environment and the economy. Jackson lauded "new energy economy" legislation advanced in Colorado during the administration of Democratic Governor Bill Ritter for the way it managed to bridge a major contemporary political divide in order to protect the environment and boost the economy.

Biden tests out 2012 messaging at renewable energy lab in Colorado

Vice President Joe Biden visited the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado, Friday to announce that Boulder-based U.S. e-Chromic won the first "America’s Next Top Energy Innovator" challenge. Biden used the occasion to lay groundwork for the 2012 election, answering critics on the right who paint government as the enemy of free enterprise and who cast the Obama administration as insufficiently enthused over U.S. achievements or exceptionalism. Biden celebrated the long record of U.S. entrepreneurial success and argued that the relationship between government and industry in America has been vital in making the country a juggernaut of capitalist productivity and a model for countries around the world.

IREA’s Kempe blasts co-op board resistance to election reform

One is indeed the loneliest number, especially when it comes to reforming a rural electric co-op board bent on quashing clean-energy and conservation initiatives in the name of dirtier-burning coal.

Ritter flips switch on multi-year wind power study

Governor Ritter flipped the switch on the new Siemens Energy 2.3 megawatt turbine at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's National Wind Technology Center yesterday....

Modular biopower yet to take root in Colorado despite beetle-kill epidemic

Robb Walt, cofounder of Littleton-based Community Power Corporation, says he’s doing a brisk business these days in modular biopower systems, but not in Colorado despite a huge potential fuel load in the form of a mountain bark-beetle epidemic that’s killed millions of acres of lodgepole pines.

Obama budget proposal increases annual NREL funding by 8 percent

Details of the Obama administration’s $3.4 trillion federal budget released Thursday revealed a big bump for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden.

Colorado’s major stimulus dividends to come

In a story on Obama's first 100 days, Market Watch quotes Colorado pollster Floyd Ciruli, who says Obama's high marks are "mostly for effort so far." "There's no sense in Colorado that there's economic payoff." But a quick scan of the Web today suggest it's only a matter of time before Colorado begins to feel the effects of the attention the Obama Administration has been lavishing on the state.

Chu in Golden, but real test of Obama energy legacy unfolding...

Winds of change may be blowing through Golden today — underscoring just how critical Colorado has become on the national clean-energy front — but the real test of the Obama administration’s legacy is unfolding in Washington.

Lowry Range project partners with NREL, still has environmental questions to...

Lend Lease, a Denver-based chapter of the global Australian real estate company of the same name, this week announced it is partnering with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to incorporate environmentally friendly energy, water and waste features that will produce a “net zero” effect on the more than 4,000 acres of land it plans to develop in Colorado, according to the Denver Business Journal. But Lend Lease has spent the last few years skirting answers about environmental concerns when it comes to its largest Colorado project.
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