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Wiretap: Hillary Clinton’s email scandal isn’t disappearing

Trust issues The State Department inspector general's report on Hillary Clinton's emails hit her where she is most vulnerable -- on the issue of trust....

Littwin: Paul Ryan’s knocking the crap out of Donald Trump

Paul Ryan is playing the game by Donald Trump rules. Known as the somber-faced, mild-of-manner, would-be adult in the GOP's play room, Ryan offered up...

Immigration debate tinged by racism, Latinos charge

Immigration is an important issue in the United States, but is it something the GOP nomination for president should hinge on? Is there a reason that as unauthorized immigration from Mexico to the U.S. steadily declines, the rhetoric becomes ever more charged?

Uncoordinated (or how the Colorado Independent reported the Buck rape story)

No real reporter likes to be the subject of a story he or she has written, but that is where some part of the...

Marriage defender spokeswoman expresses bafflement at Prejean attacks

Maggie Gallagher, head of the National Organization for Marriage, responded today to questions from the media on whether NOM dropped its relationship with scandal-plagued...

Number one with a dagger: Palin’s ‘Going Rogue’ available for free!

The Washington Independent's Dave Weigel reports that National Review is riding the Palin memoir phenomenon by posting a blog all about the book but...
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