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Decrying ‘Photocopy Journalism’, FreePress Spotlighted Denver TV News Merger

FreePress has come to Denver to hold its biennial National Conference on Media Reform. Denver is a great place to gather, a sunny square state ringed by jagged mountains and host to a major middle-continent airline hub. It's also a place suffering from a collapsed and consolidated media market, as alert citizens well know and as FreePress has highlighted for years.

National Media Reform Conference Happening Right Now in Denver

The media is being revolutionized in the digital era, becoming more user friendly and interactive, distributing power and better serving the public interest... or maybe not so much. Maybe the "revolution" is already over and we're stuck with the same old "fair and balanced" stage show that has long been dominated by talking heads trained in prattling on and run by pinstriped executives who share almost none of our daily concerns.
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