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Counties get creative on ‘check box’ flaw on voter registration applications

With Colorado Secretary of State Mike Coffman unwilling to budge on incomplete voter registrations, several counties across the state have come up with partial resolutions on their own. The ever-evolving "check box" drama has to do with the state's new voter registration form. Applicants without a state ID or a driver's license must indicate as much by checking a box and then giving the last four digits of their social security numbers. But at least 6,700 new would-be voters--and as many as 10,000 by one estimate — neglected to check the box. Several thousand of these individuals have since cured their applications, but many more remain barred from voter rolls.

Non-profit groups demand “check box” voter fix today

Six organizations, including several that conducted voter registration drives in minority communities, have joined the cry for Secretary of State Mike Coffman to accept incomplete voter registrations.

Martini Specials and F-bomb Shirts: A New Era for Colorado Politics

The leaders of New Era Colorado promised a different kind of candidates' forum Wednesday night. When some would-be Boulder City Council members mounted the...
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