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Chris Christie on a last chance power drive

If Chris Christie isn't finished yet as a presidential contender, that just means there's still time to start your office pool. (Post now includes video!)

Gay marriage: No, Colorado is not the next New Jersey

DENVER -- New Jersey moved from same-sex civil unions to gay marriage in a flash. It will be a longer road for Colorado. A 2006 amendment to the state constitution banning gay marriage stands in the road like a high hurdle.

New Jersey to begin implementing medical marijuana laws

You don't see this everyday. The Philadelphia Inquirer has published an editorial praising NJ Governor Chris Christie for finally getting off the nickel and beginning implementation of that state's medical marijuana laws.

In wake of wave-making New York marriage law, gay legal group...

Lambda Legal, a New York-based organization committed to winning gay civil rights through the courts, announced in a press release Tuesday that it would challenge New Jersey's 2006 same sex civil unions law for failing to bring full equality to gay residents of the state. Lambda, which is teaming with New Jersey LGBT group Garden State Equality, will refer to government studies and press investigations that document the way employers have failed to recognize couples entered into a civil union and how civil unions have been ignored or misunderstood by authorities, often in instances involving critical medical decisions.

Breitbart, Live Action post controversial Planned Parenthood video in shadow of...

A new conservative activist hidden-camera video dropped on the internet Tuesday as part of a multi-state effort to catch Planned Parenthood staff on tape offering assistance to men running a child prostitution ring. The immediate aim of the video and its wide distribution is to strip Planned Parenthood of government funding. The larger aim is to blow wind into the sails of the dramatic anti-abortion legislation the new Republican-controlled Congress has introduced that seeks to radically limit funding for abortions in cases of rape, end private insurance policies that provide abortion coverage and defund organizations that provide abortions, like Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the nation but also one the largest non-abortion reproductive and sexual health care providers coast to coast.
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