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Potential gas-fracking health hazards draw media spotlight, re-energize calls for federal...

Natural gas hydraulic fracturing took an alarming star turn in the national media this weekend, spurring lawmakers to call again on their colleagues to pass the Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals (FRAC) Act, a bill first introduced by Colorado lawmakers Diana DeGette and Jared Polis in 2009. An Academy award-nominated documentary and a Sunday New York Times expose underlined the chemical and radioactive hazards "fracking" poses to drinking water.

‘Gasland’ misses Oscar bid but NYT story yanks red carpet out...

Actor Mark Ruffalo didn’t win an Oscar for best supporting actor Sunday night for his role in “The Kids Are All Right,” but he did make headlines for his role supporting the anti-natural-gas-drilling documentary “Gasland,” which also came up short during the annual Academy Awards. Josh Fox’s “Gasland” film was up for best documentary – an award that went instead to “Inside Job” – and Ruffalo wore a blue water droplet pin to show his support for clean water and Fox’s investigation of the drilling practice of hydraulic fracturing, including incidents of water contamination in the gas patches of Colorado. The natural gas industry has gone to great lengths to debunk the film.

Perlmutter and other politicians are stepping up security

All around the country, members of congress are canceling constituent meetings or beefing up security. When someone at a public meeting asks a question or makes a comment that seems even a little unbalanced, people tense up and exchange nervous glances.

Colorado victims eyeing Madoff lawsuit revelations with intense interest

A lot of formerly more wealthy Coloradans are watching with interest recent revelations stemming from numerous lawsuits trying to recover the ill-gotten gains of Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff. Thursday’s New York Times blockbuster was that JPMorgan Chase officials allegedly ignored clear signs of Madoff’s fraud despite their own deep suspicions. Bank officials deny any wrongdoing.

New York Times features governor-elect Hickenlooper in 6-page profile

Arguably one of the most popular mayors in Denver history, John Hickenlooper is also something of a national curiosity -- an out of work geologist turned brewpub millionaire. A Democrat who appeals to Republicans with a non-confrontational approach that emphasizes business savvy and team-building. Sunday, The New York Times ran an upbeat six-page profile of Hickenlooper in the magazine section. The reporter pointed out that he received little scrutiny during the campaign because of Republican dysfunction that kept the media spotlight out of Hickenlooper's eyes. You could say the same for The Times profile.

Salazars (both) and Buck featured in New York Times today

Colorado’s political scene continues to draw national attention. Two major articles in this morning’s New York Times point a spotlight on Colorado. One examines the...

How to reward attention seeking political blogger bomb-throwers

Pamela Geller is a Manhattan socialite who blogs about how Islam equals terrorism. She's a political provocateur in the Ann Coulter vein, but more...

Gardner, despite past record, offers no comment to NYT on abortion

State Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Yuma, declined to comment about his views on abortion in a New York Times article Wednesday, saying people weren't really...

Maddow reports real ACORN story half-year too late

On MSNBC Tuesday night Rachel Maddow ran segments of the unedited ACORN video tapes posted online by California Attorney General Jerry Brown last week....

Times sees Colorado disappointment over health reform as emblematic

In a front-page story that positions Colorado as representative, the New York Times today reports that voters here "crave reform of health care and...
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