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David Brooks, on deadline, produces paper-thin wing-nut theory

Obama is single-handedly destroying U.S. management culture by creating a "revolution in values" that will replace the steady, detail-obsessed, "dull" CEOs that have made...

Gay groups cry foul on New York Times ‘No Mob Veto’...

A full page New York Times ad has sparked a war of words between gay groups and their allies and conservative religious leaders. The ad, sponsored by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, asserts that gays and lesbians have engaged in a pattern of mob violence against Mormons after the passage of Proposition 8 in California; gays meanwhile have pushed back, asserting that the church is not the victim.

Voting rights group sues Colorado secretary of state over purges

On Saturday, the Advancement Project, a national voter protection organization, filed suit against Colorado Secretary of State Mike Coffman for his alleged illegal purge of tens of thousands of voters across the state.

Colorado election snafu roundup: Are we ready for Nov. 4?

It's not just you. Colorado is looking a bit iffy these days in terms of election preparedness. And with less than three weeks to go until November 4th, things just keep getting stickier. But wading through the constantly breaking election muck can be a less than savory experience. So please, put away your wellies and let the Colorado Independent guide you. Each Friday until Election Day, we'll publish a roundup of the week's big news related to election bungles around the state. If you've got news or opinions to share, please add them in the comments section below. After all, we're not as scientific as, say, Colorado's new electronic voting machines. Read on for the roundup:

New York Times reports would-be Colorado voters improperly purged

The New York Times reports that tens of thousands of eligible voters have been illegally removed from the rolls in Colorado and five other swing states. And what does Colorado Secretary of State Mike Coffman have to say? Nothing. Oh wait! Nothing to say, that is, until the story comes out.

New York Times: Denver is the new Chicago

Denver must have done a good job of slathering on the world class charm during the Democratic National Convention last month, because the New York Times has named the Mile High City the next Chicago.
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