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Use your words – (Re)introducing news poetry

Dear readers, You may have noticed The Independent's occasional departure from straight news into postings with stanzas and without punctuation. We call those news poems,...

News Poem: “Could Be”

Reader Alan Gilbert sent us this poem in response to the tragic shooting in Orlando on Sunday. Check out more of our long-dormant News...

News Poem: ‘Decline’

    "I wrote this poem in Denver, CO, in the summer of 2013, when the story broke in the news of the hunger strike by...

News Poem: ‘A Seat for Everyone’

And you were never a child, correct?

News Poem: ‘Belongings’

A two-year-old child survived by clinging to a ladder.

News Poem: ‘A Pathetic Fallacy’

The weathermen say they won’t / name hurricanes after ladies anymore ...

News Poem: ‘Edward Snowden contemplates returning home’

The brain leaves us / wracked by nostalgic gifts.

News Poem: ‘Valley of the Cranes’

The MCA café has quite a view across the Central Platte Valley bridges, arching like white, wispy bones of cranes repairing connections time has broken, bringing people back forsaken land gorged by this century’s vision of city.
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