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Local politicians rally around a new print paper in the Springs,...

Journalists are the "enemy of the people." The "failing New York Times." Fake news, Yadda, yadda. We've heard it all from President Donald Trump and his dedicated fans....

Newspaper launches Web site but refuses to post actual news

The Colorado newspaper that leads the field in front-page stories about itself uncorked a doozy on Thursday, announcing that nearly a year after first launching its print version last June the Vail Mountaineer was grudgingly joining the online community. But, the paper owned by the publisher of the Denver Daily News will not actually post any breaking news on its site in order to force readers to pick up the print version and read all the ads in between the stories.

U.S. Paper of Record caught off guard by questions about newspapers

The video of the Daily Show visit to The New York Times is flying around the Web today and it's devastating -- to the Times and to anyone pulling for newspapers to survive the digital revolution. Of course the Daily Show played the New York Times from beginning to end as doomed straw man, with Daily Show reporter Jason Jones hamming it up and the video cut together to high comedic effect. But still!

After the bilious newspaper tribe dies, journalism will thrive

A few months after the demise of the Rocky Mountain News, another western paper bites the dust. Last week, Gannet shuttered the Tucson Citizen, which hobbled along under bad management for years. The Citizen's closing edition has already become an ignominious artifact of the end of the newspaper era, mostly for the classy middle-finger salute it raised to the Internet and online journalism:

Failing newspapers provide another reason not to read them

What better way to welcome this weekend's "White House Correspondents Dinner" than with a big lawsuit pitting the Washington Post against the Bush Administration? Speaking for the paper in an online forum, congressional reporter Paul Kane said the Post won't call waterboarding people and slamming them into walls torture because it fears a lawsuit for libel -- because the paper is in no shape to weather the costs.
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