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Littwin: We are fully prepared, once again, to face up to...

It is another day of death and another day of despair. I offer up this column on the day following the mass murder in...

Why the gun safety laws made in Colorado stayed in Colorado

DENVER – Almost unnoticed, something remarkable happened in Colorado over the last month: The common sense gun safety regulations passed in the wake of the Aurora and Newtown massacres survived despite attempts to overturn them.

Littwin on Tom Tancredo as sympathetic softie

Greg Brophy has done the impossible. After days of attacks on Tom Tancredo, in which Brophy has called Tancredo a "loser" and "unprepared" and a book writer (more on that later), Brophy has very nearly -- well, almost very nearly -- made Tancredo seem sympathetic.

Littwin on Sandy Hook’s devoted and disturbed Magpul customer

It's basically a footnote to the report issued Monday by the Connecticut State Attorney's office, but the 30-round magazines used in the Sandy Hook massacre were manufactured by Magpul Industries.

Aurora Shooting Anniversary Rally Promotes Gun Control as Worthy Memorial

AURORA-- Advocates for gun control gathered at noon in a sun-blanched local park to mark the one-year anniversary of the midnight movie-theater shooting here that killed 12, injured 70 and gripped a nation grown accustomed to a news cycle that now features indiscriminate gun massacres at regular intervals.
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