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Colorado conservation groups push Congress for tougher drilling regs

As Congress wrangles over what’s left of meaningful energy policy reform before the August recess, Colorado’s conservation community is watching closely to make sure onshore oil and gas drilling gets as much attention as the offshore drilling that led to BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Coal country Democratic lawmakers seek extension of Bush mining rules

The conflict between environmental protection and coal extraction is a long simmering political flashpoint in the Appalachian states, which are home to some...

Job rhetoric on rise as debate heats up over federal regulation...

From Boulder to Grand Junction, the debate over natural gas versus coal, looming federal regulation of both power sources and what it all means...

What about energy? Democrats tailor their answer as the debate shifts

In a rambunctious press conference that could forecast the tone of the energy debate to come, House Democratic leaders clashed with Republican supporters in Denver Tuesday over each party's approach to offshore oil drilling.
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