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Obama commercial beats Perot in ratings, McCain urges ‘buyer beware’

One in five Denver households watching TV tuned in the half-hour Barack Obama campaign commercial broadcast Wednesday night on seven networks, according to overnight Nielsen ratings, slightly below the nationwide average. It was the first time a presidential candidate has purchased a wall-to-wall television commercial since Ross Perot broadcast an ad on Election Day in 1996, when roughly 17 percent of households watched.

McCain beats Obama — in the ratings

John McCain's speech Thursday night drew 500,000 more viewers than Barack Obama's record-setting speech a week earlier, Nielsen Media Research reports. More than 38.9 million watched McCain accept the Republican nomination for president on eight networks, according to preliminary television ratings.

One in four households watched Obama speech

Barack Obama's acceptance speech in Denver Thursday night drew a record number of television viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research. More than 38 million — one in four households — watched the hour-long speech on 10 networks, nearly twice the number that watched John Kerry's 2004 acceptance speech.
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