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Musgrave-Markey spat raises question: Are campaign lies a crime?

In Colorado, recklessly making false statements about candidates who are running for public office is a criminal offense. But, years after the strict sanctions were adopted, no one has gone to jail for knowingly lying about their political enemies — indeed many say that making such a case stick would be nearly impossible.

After the GOP bloodbath, a call for a new party

Jim Martin thinks his former Republican Party is beyond redemption. After sustaining years of abuse from the rigid right of his party, the colorful former elected at-large University of Colorado regent of 12 years dropped the “R” after his name 14 days before the United States invaded Iraq. Recently resurfaced after laying low for a few years, Martin, an attorney from Boulder, is floating a new idea: Leave the dogmatists behind and launch a third party in Colorado.

Colorado’s Constitution 2008: Reform Or Dry-Cash Cow?

Yes, Colorado has one of the easiest constitutions in the country to change. Yes, a bipartisan bevy of lawmakers want reform, and they want...