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Littwin: The Trump Senate impeachment trial, Day Four

As I watched Day Four of the Trump impeachment hearings unfurl, I finally understood — it hit me with the force of an Adam...

DougCo school voucher lawsuit can expect extended Supreme Court delay

The parties involved in Douglas County School District’s private school voucher lawsuit have been waiting since last December to hear whether the U.S. Supreme...

The year’s five top stories: Big Bird, Al Gore and credit...

What do Big Bird and Al Gore have in common? They draw readers to the site in droves. Ditto marijuana and Bank Transfer Day. Here are the five most read stories of the year.

Al Gore dials it up a notch with 24-hour climate charge

Former Vice President Al Gore is honored by the blowback he received after he blasted climate change deniers with a certain eight-letter epithet during an off-the-cuff speech last month in Aspen.

Lamborn touts vote to spend $690 billion on military this year

Just as Republican lawmakers promote their plan to slash federal spending by turning Medicare into a new-style voucher program, come the eye-popping numbers tied to the National Defense Authorization Act. Colorado Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn, who has praised the proposed Medicare cuts and led the charge to slash federal funding for popular programs like public broadcasting this year as necessary belt-tightening, is celebrating his vote to spend $690 billion on the military next year.

GOP-targeted PBS pulls down prestigious Walter Cronkite Award

Colorado Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn has led the charge to strip government funds from public broadcasting, saying that outlets like PBS and NPR are biased against conservative politics and that the news shows are popular enough after 40 years to survive on advertising revenues. Surveys have consistently shown however that, in the era of overheated cable news, Americans like the product that the not-for-profit business model has delivered, ranking PBS, for example, the most trusted institution in the nation. This week the PBS Newshour was awarded the prestigious Walter Cronkite Award for political television coverage. Gwen Ifill accepted the award in Los Angeles as PBS's cable news counterparts hosted "birther" conspiracy theorists and sent hundreds of reporters each to London to cover the royal wedding, many more than they sent to Japan to cover the natural and nuclear disasters last month and many more than they have stationed in the powder keg Middle East.

The conservative rallying cry: We want our NPR

From Idaho Falls, Idaho, to the heart of Appalachia, conservative country folk have at least one thing in common: They want their National Public Radio.

DeGette: Lamborn NPR bill ‘a punitive measure reflecting an extreme agenda’

Colorado Democratic Rep. Diana DeGette railed Thursday against the effort led by Colorado Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn to strip federal funding from National Public Radio. “The bill threatens almost 9,000 jobs in the broadcasting community and, frankly, is an unwarranted attack on the content of public radio," she said, adding that it was another bill the GOP-controlled House had introduced this session to make partisan points but that failed to address stubbornly high unemployment levels and the struggling economy.

VIDEO: Lamborn simply seeking to free NPR of taxpayer subsidies

Colorado Springs Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn said that, in leading the charge to strip National Public Radio of taxpayer support, he is aiming simply to "let loose" the station to thrive in the free market. In a round of interviews Thursday held just before and after the House voted along party lines to pass his "defund NPR" bill, he said he was not acting out of partisan motives.

VIDEO: Rep. Weiner mocks fast-tracked Lamborn NPR bill

On the floor of the U.S. House today, New York Congressman Anthony Weiner mock-congratulated Republican leadership for fast-tracking Colorado Rep. Doug Lamborn's proposal to strip National Public Radio of federal funding for programming. "I'm so relieved we held this emergency session, that we waived the rules of the House... so we can finally get [the Car Talk] guys off my radio." Weiner said the NPR Car Talk auto-maintenance comedy show was clearly "kinky" and "communist" and chided Republicans for doing the will of voters in placing the war on NPR at the top of their list of how to best serve the country.
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