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Littwin: Don’t say ‘guns’

  WHEN it became clear that the packaging of pot edibles might be confusing to children, thereby possibly endangering them, the state legislature passed a...

Wiretap: Another horrific botched execution

The state of Oklahoma had finally gotten its way and was about to complete the first of two executions when everything went wrong.

Wiretap: Climate change closed down Mount Everest

"The deadly avalanche on the great mountain earlier this month wasn't technically an avalanche. It was an 'ice release '— a collapse of a glacial mass known as a serac."

Bloomberg-backed gun control movement ‘Everytown’ kicks off in Colorado

If the NRA's line is "They're coming for your guns and only you can stop them," Everytown's rally cry is "Guns are coming for your children and only you can protect them."

Littwin: Ted Nugent for surgeon general

Is it dangerous to have a gun in a house where there are small children? Or is the real danger in simply posing the question?

Wiretap: A slap and tickle Ukraine policy; Durango stands up to...

We can flood Ukraine with resources, showing Putin and the Russian oligarchy where the money is, and allow room for diplomacy to work, recognizing that Russia does have real interests.

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners pitch concealed carry classes for teachers

A deeply political and influential Colorado gun group is rolling out courses for teachers ahead of a hearing on a bill that would allow school employees to pack heat.

Wiretap: The NRA, the NSA, Guv Christie’s traffic jam

It seems to make no sense that a year after the murderous rampage at Sandy Hook that Congress wouldn't have passed even the most modest of guns laws. No sense, unless you understand the political power of the NRA.

What did the recalls really mean? Maybe it’s not so clear.

Once it seemed all too obvious what the state Senate recalls mean for those who vote for gun-control legislation. Now, suddenly, how the recalls may affect 2014 election politics seems a little less clear.

Sunlight Foundation tries its hand at hopelessly tangled Colorado recall election...

Today brings more evidence that it is nearly impossible to tally how much money was spent and by whom and where it all went.
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