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Udall campaign pivots to NSA and privacy

  Remember a few weeks ago when we considered how little online privacy was coming up in the hot, heavy and increasingly nasty U.S. Senate race...

ICMYI: Koch-millennials’ group tries to school Udall about good Internet policy

  Jonathan Lockwood, state director for the Koch-funded millennials' political group Generation Opportunity, wrote an interesting op-ed for the Greeley Tribune the other day entitled...

Udall so quiet on his big issue even the NSA can’t...

On the face of it, putting some congressional guardrails on the National Security Agency’s now notorious dragnet collection of citizens’ private communication data seems like the perfect stump for Udall and not a bad bet for Gardner.

Wiretap: Perry shows up for Obama, border talk

  President Obama left the Denver fundraiser, where Mark Udall was a no-show, for Dallas, where the real action was. Conservatives wanted Obama...

News Poem: ‘Edward Snowden contemplates returning home’

The brain leaves us / wracked by nostalgic gifts.

US Senators Udall, Wyden, Paul push for surveillance reform

"Dragnet surveillance was approved by a secret court that normally hears only the government's side of major cases. It had been debated only in a few secret congressional committee hearings, and many members of Congress were entirely unaware it."

Civil and digital rights advanced

notes on the 111th day of the 2014 legislative session

Wiretap: Papers get Pulitzer, Snowden gets exile

The Pulitzer committee awarded the big prize to the Washington Post and the Guardian for their coverage of the Snowden-NSA story. It was an easy call.

Wiretap: Jeb Bush’s next-generation compassionate conservativism

"They crossed the border because they had no other means to work to be able to provide for their family. Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony. It’s an act of love."

Wiretap: Mother Russia’s long trip back to the age of the...

The pessimistic view: "The effective annexation of Crimea marks the beginning of something new and ominous: not another Cold War but, rather, a revival of a chauvinistic and expansive Russian nationalism that goes back to the tsars."
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