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Tea Party groups rallying in support of Arizona immigration law

Anti-illegal immigration groups that oppose policy reform efforts that include amnesty for undocumented workers are organizing rallies around the country and in Phoenix to...

Anti-immigration NumbersUSA hones talking points: Say ‘welfare queen’; say ‘dependents’

In a strategy conference call with supporters Monday, anti-illegal immigrant group NumbersUSA geared up to counter a large immigration reform rally planned for next...

NYT: Obama to push for immigration reform; hate groups riled up

Proving yet again that the president can (and should) walk and chew gum at the same time, Barack Obama is poised to announce a debate next month on creating a legal path for undocumented immigrants to become citizens. In the brief story published Wednesday, the New York Times dutifully records opposing arguments that the White House should be solely focused on the economy and health care reform (and energy and the wars and foreign policy and natural disasters and the NCAA brackets and ...). Unfortunately, the reporting is marred by the Gray Lady's insistence on citing anti-immigration groups that have been repeatedly discredited as hate groups.
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