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Obama, assassination and the white supremacist threat

It's the taboo subject you're not supposed to talk about — Barack Obama's safety in light of the rise of white supremacists in America. Threats to his safety were raised in Denver, Colo., during the Democratic National Convention where three men were arrested after allegedly plotting to assassinate Obama during his nomination speech.

Court docs: Suicide mission planned in plot to kill Obama at...

Denver's 9NEWS reports the FBI asked for more serious charges to be filed against at least one of the suspects arrested last week in a suspected plot to kill Barack Obama during the Democratic National Convention. Federal court documents obtained by reporter Jace Larson describe a plot to assassinate Obama in a suicide mission using a gun hidden inside a camera.

DNC Roundup: Corporate money, politics, protests, plots and more

As Denver sweeps up the last of the confetti, The Colorado Independent rewinds its coverage on the Democratic National Convention.

Feds: Obama plot “more aspirational, perhaps, than operational”

The three men arrested Sunday suspected of a plot to kill Barack Obama will face weapons and drug charges but won't face assassination-related charges, Colorado's U.S. attorney said at a news conference Tuesday.

Protesters, police and bigots invade DNC

As I’ve made clear before I’m not a huge fan of the protesters here in Denver, but is it legal to surround them on all sides, hold them there, kick out the media, and then pepper spray everyone who’s left? Who couldn’t get out? The video available here on the Colorado Independent gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Read more of Jeff's commentaries: • Hickenlooper can throw one hell of a partyThanks for turning my city into a fortress'Saturday Night Fever' at the DNC • C-SPAN tricks its rideI love me some Police State’n, yeah!

Feds to speak on possible plot to kill Obama

The U.S. Attorney for Colorado, Troy Eid, will talk to the press at 4 p.m. Tuesday about the arrest Sunday of four suspects in a plot to shoot Barack Obama during his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.
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