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Wiretap: Down the Trumpian rabbit hole, where vulgar Access Hollywood tape...

Nothing that comes out of Trumpworld should surprise anyone anymore, but even people close to the president tell The New York Times they’re stunned...

Obama on birth certificate questions: We do not have time for...

The White House today issued on its website a certified copy of President Obama’s long-form birth certificate. It confirms, as is well-documented, that Obama was born in Honolulu’s Kapiolani Maternity Hospital in 1961.

Gessler’s citizenship voter bill killed in Senate committee

Secretary of State Scott Gessler's bill to require proof of citizenship of all Colorado voters died Monday in a Senate committee--on a party-line vote. Proof the bill is needed just wasn't there, Democrats said.

Birther bills flood state houses across USA, somehow avoiding Colorado

As state legislatures across the country begin their 2011 sessions, there is one lingering issue that simply won’t die. Conservative legislators in several states have already proposed a number of “birther bills” that allude to the conspiracy theory alleging that President Obama is foreign-born.
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