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Dems see upward trend in Colorado early voting numbers

Early voter numbers released this morning by the Colorado secretary of state's office bring good news for Democrats. The lead notched by registered Republicans dipped a point over the weekend to 38 percent of all votes cast so far in the state. Registered Democrats stayed even at 36 percent and unaffiliated voters gained two points to hit 25 percent.

Republicans and Democrats celebrate Colorado early voter stats

Early-voter tallies released by the Colorado secretary of state today list registered Republicans in the state leading the pack. Of the more than 626,000 ballots so far collected here, Republicans have turned in 39.0 percent, Democrats 36.1 percent and unaffiliated voters 23.0 percent.

VIDEO: Obama campaign celebrates 6th anniversary of ‘Romneycare’

The Obama for America reelection campaign Thursday released a video celebrating the sixth anniversary of the Massachusetts healthcare-reform law championed by then-Governor Mitt Romney. The video revels in irony, a low-key soundtrack tinkling beneath footage of Romney proudly presenting the bill atop an enormous custom-built riser. Romney's advisors recall candidly how the governor believed the law would catapult him as a statesman onto the national stage.

DeGette joins critics blasting Romney for attack on Planned Parenthood

Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette, head of the congressional pro-choice caucus, joined with Democrats around the country in criticizing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for vowing to "get rid" of funding for Planned Parenthood if he were elected in November.

Colorado Obama team already deep into 2012 battle plan

GREELEY-- The presidential election is ten months away but, for many hardcore Obama volunteers like the dozen or so people who met here in a garage on the Monday night before Thanksgiving, the campaign has never stopped.
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