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Littwin: DNC Day Three – An optimistic Obama warns against Trump...

Barack Obama came to the Democratic convention not only to praise Hillary Clinton – although he did so lavishly and to great effect –...

Wiretap: ISIS jihadists delighted over possible war

Barack Obama is getting dragged back into a war in Iraq and, according to the New York Times, also in Syria. The ISIS jihadists couldn’t be happier.

Udall defends Obama oil-spill speech, calls it another sign of change

Colorado U.S. Senator Mark Udall downplayed criticism of President Obama's speech on the Gulf disaster last night and said he was heartened to see the president speaking authoritatively on the matter and that the speech was one of several moves in the last week indicating that a different and better approach by the U.S. government toward the oil industry would come of the catastrophe.
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