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It’s true: Rich getting richer, poor getting poorer

A funny thing is happening in America. Even as police and mayors are cracking down on occupiers around the country, people are talking about the issues that drew occupiers to the streets in the first place.

Majority of Americans support Occupy movement

A majority of Americans — and almost a third of Republicans — agree with the aims of the Occupy Wall St. movement, according to polls taken over the last ten days.

Alex Altman of TIME’s Swampland blog writes:

VIDEO: Occupy movement is building communities around the world

Occupy Wall Street and its many offshoots including Occupy Denver have gone beyond the curiosity stage. They've spawned similar demonstrations and occupations all over the world. They've become a subject for discussion, from current events classes in high schools to Tuesday evening's GOP presidential debate.

VIDEO: Occupy Colorado Springs is going strong

While all the attention in Colorado seems to go to Occupy Denver, it is not the only occupation in the state. People have been occupying Acacia Park in Colorado Springs for more than two weeks now, so far without an arrest.

Greenback graffiti occupies the currency

It's a tactic that puts supporters of Occupy Wall Street beyond the reach of pepper spray, and it spreads far and wide in a public and private way the message of crippling financial disparity that's at the heart of the movement. It's a literal take on the medium being the message. A project called Occupy George is turning your dollar bills into informational protest placards.
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