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McInnis, Maes promise an oil and gas rig in every pot...

Scott McInnis and Dan Maes, the two remaining GOP gubernatorial candidates, won’t even wait to see how new, environmentally tougher oil and gas drilling...

Ritter’s office fires back at McInnis on drilling regulations, natural gas...

EDWARDS — Energy attorney Scott McInnis this week continued to hammer Gov. Bill Ritter for policies McInnis says have crippled Colorado’s natural gas industry and cost the state thousands of jobs at a time of severe economic hardship.

Penry politicizes drilling regs, calls for permit extension … or else

Republican state Sen. Josh Penry appears determined to make the loss of energy-sector jobs a key campaign issue in his run for the governor’s...

COGCC director: Unnecessary FRAC Act would spread staff too thin

DENVER — When it comes to the safety of hydraulic fracturing-- the “stimulating” of natural gas wells with high-pressure injections of water, sand and chemicals to free up more gas-- Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission director David Neslin argues the state has it covered.

GOP state lawmaker: ‘Pitchforks about to come out’ over drilling regulations

State Rep. Laura Bradford says ranchers and landowners in and around Grand Junction and Mesa County are enraged by new, more environmentally stringent drilling regulations keeping them from fully developing their oil and gas mineral rights.

Natural gas drilling regs stirring heated debate on Western Slope

A dustup between politicians and landowners at an oil and gas royalty owners meeting in Grand Junction last weekend underscores the complexity of the new drilling regulations – and the heated emotions they stir in some mineral-rights holders.

Battlement Mesa residents leery of plan to drill for gas right...

It’s a valid question: If you retired to Colorado’s sunny Western Slope for the laidback mountain lifestyle but bought into a community purpose-built for workers during the oil shale boom of the 1980s, should you be shocked when drilling rigs sprout like pinon pines in your neighborhood? Battlement Mesa residents are grappling with that question these days after Denver-based Antero Resources recently struck a deal to drill up to 200 gas wells from 10 pads right in town — some within a few hundred feet of homes and the municipal golf course.

Green groups challenge industry lawsuit against new drilling regs

After two years of at-times heated debated over new, more environmentally-friendly oil and gas drilling regulations, ratification by the State Legislature and a signature by Gov. Bill Ritter, it looked like the warring parties would finally lay down their arms when the regs went into effect April 1. Wrong. A few weeks into the new regs, which require closer state scrutiny of drilling practices that might impact air and water quality and wildlife habitat, the Colorado Oil & Gas Association filed a lawsuit against the state Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, which drafted the new rules.

Garfield County braces for gas bust, officials blame economy, regulations

Government officials on the Western Slope are bracing for a drop-off in natural gas drilling of up to 80 percent this summer — and a corresponding plunge in tax revenues. While some politicians attribute the slowdown to the drop in energy prices and the global recession, others blame Colorado's stricter drilling regulations.

Battle on oil and gas regs foreshadows key 2010 election issue

With new, more environmentally stringent oil- and gas-drilling regulations a perfunctory state Senate vote and gubernatorial signature away from going into effect next month, all the Republican gnashing of teeth seems to have fallen largely on deaf ears.
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