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Minus Lamborn, Colorado congressional delegation pushes for wind energy tax credit

Eight of Colorado's nine congressional delegates are calling for the extension of the federal wind production tax credit to be added to the nation's pending payroll tax reduction package.

Colorado senators applaud BLM proposal to rein in oil shale leasing...

The Bureau of Land Management proposed a sharp cut Friday in the acreage available for oil shale and tar sands leasing in the West, including a 90 percent reduction of potential land in Colorado.

House Committee approves Lamborn bill to open more land to oil...

Oil shale isn't yet commercially viable but on Wednesday the U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources passed Rep. Doug Lamborn’s bill to speed up its production in the West anyway.

Scaled-back BLM oil shale plan reportedly backed by GarCo commissioners

The Garfield County commissioners reportedly back a scaled-back federal plan for oil shale development in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah, as long as it leaves as much acreage as possible open for exploring and perhaps eventually extracting the still unproven form of fuel.

Oil shale opponents’ DC ‘fly-in’ seeks to expose never-ending ‘science project’

Opponents of oil shale development in western Colorado, Wyoming and Utah participated in a “fly-in” to Washington, D.C. this week to push for increased federal oversight of the still-unproven form of energy that would consume huge amounts of water and conventional power.

Shell’s natural gas play in Colorado raises issues of local versus...

For decades, Royal Dutch Shell – Europe’s largest energy company – has been known in Colorado as the king of oil shale research, spending an estimated $200 million on an experimental and controversial extraction process that has yet to be proven commercially viable. But Shell and its American subsidiaries have increasingly been moving into natural gas drilling in the United States, including a well permit pulled in southern Colorado that has touched off a firestorm of debate over state versus local control of drilling operations and just how much public input should be allowed.

McKibben’s ‘largest act’ of climate change protest on XL pipeline to...

A caravan that environmentalist and renowned climate-change writer Bill McKibben calls the “largest collective act of civil disobedience in the history of the climate movement” will roll through Boulder and Denver next week to protest the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline from Alberta, Canada, to the Gulf Coast of Texas.

Dwindling of Colorado River linked to climate change, energy production

Hard to imagine in a year when snowpack up until recently has been more than 200 percent of normal in the Colorado River Basin and its major tributaries on the state’s Western Slope, but the long-term prognosis for the river that provides water to more than 30 million people in the Desert Southwest is not good. A new interim report released this week by the federal government, Colorado and six other states along the river suggests that “by mid-century the average yield of the Colorado River could be reduced by 10-20 percent due to climate change.

RAND Corp. representative cites ‘adverse ecological impacts’ of oil shale

A representative of an organization whose research on oil shale production has been cited for years testified before Congress Friday that “decisions made by the federal government may have a profound impact on the residents in the northwestern quarter of Colorado …”

You say oil shale, I say shale oil; let’s call the...

Apparently global climate change can have the disquieting effect of causing mild dyslexia among pro-business energy bloggers like Brian McGraw, who on globalwarming.org last week mistook oil shale for shale oil.
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