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Wiretap: Superduper Tuesday and the return of 1968

Election day Two front-runners, five states, a batch of negative ads, stakes growing ever higher and it all adds up to one more day on...

Wiretap: Oklahoma’s 10 Commandments standoff

Stone cold It's an old story. The Oklahoma Supreme Court rules that the large 10 Commandments monument on state grounds is unconstitutional. The Oklahoma governor says she...

Wiretap: Oklahoma says oil-and-gas industry wastewater disposal caused earthquakes

Shakedown You probably had some idea why Oklahoma was having all those earthquakes. Shockingly, the state of Oklahoma now admits you were right and the...

Keefe on pot-state neighbors

Colorado gets sued.

Littwin: The Great Pot Shot

Now we know what they do on a slow day (in other words, every day but 'Husker game day) in Nebraska. They take their...

Nebraska, Oklahoma sue Colorado for violating federal law with legalized pot

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers says the legal action seems more aimed at forcing the hand of federal authorities than it is at challenging the will of Colorado voters.

Wiretap: The mom pay gap is real

Wage discrimination is happening and it particularly affects women with children and women of color.

The Lockett Effect

By most accounts, Oklahoma’s execution of Clayton Lockett on Tuesday was a medical, legal and moral fiasco.

Wiretap: Another horrific botched execution

The state of Oklahoma had finally gotten its way and was about to complete the first of two executions when everything went wrong.

Gay marriage: Round Two at the Tenth Circuit in Denver

The U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals will hear the second of two gay marriage cases Thursday afternoon, wrapping up the arguments phase in what is the first round of federal cases testing the constitutionality of state gay-marriage bans.
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