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Late-term: The legacy of George Tiller

When I walk out the door of my office, I expect to get assassinated.” So says Dr. Warren Hern in a new documentary, “After Tiller,” that screens in Denver Wednesday.

Operation Rescue conducting ‘massive research project to identify every abortionist in...

Troy Newman, president of the radical anti-abortion rights group Operation Rescue has announced that the group will be conducting a “massive research project to identify every abortionist in the country.” Newman says he needs fellow anti-abortion advocates to contribute any information they can about abortion providers where they live.

Operation Rescue seeking abortion ‘Truth Truck’ drivers

How much are you suffering from recession blues? Enough to take a job driving the Operation Rescue "Truth Truck," a paneled vehicle covered with...

Attorney general directs U.S. marshals to protect abortion clinics, providers

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder dispatched the U.S. Marshals Service to protect "appropriate people and facilities around the nation" in the wake of the...

Anti-abortion activist distributes “Real Solutions to the ‘Negro Problem'” tract at...

"Racist" fliers authored by notorious anti-abortion activist Randall Terry littered cars parked at Elitch Gardens Friday night where a DNC media party was taking place.

Anti-abortion groups clash before DNC protests

Along with its grisly "truth truck," the anti-abortion movement is bringing drama and infighting with it to the Democratic National Convention next week.

Two groups, both claiming the moniker "Operation Rescue," will descend on the city to protest Barack Obama's pro-choice stance. Problem is, one group plans for an in-your-face rally with an illegal sit-in ending in dozens of arrests while the other group wants a peaceful, prayerful demonstration.

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