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Oil-and-gas group failed to file finance reports in Loveland fracking election

“If the group accepted donations and made direct appeals to voters to support or oppose the initiative, then they fall under the requirements of the city charter and should have filed reports with the city."

Palin, Americans for American Energy keep eye on the prize in...

A Golden-based pro-domestic-energy front group that’s drawn the ire of environmentalists and conservation-minded politicians for comparing them to terrorists can in part thank Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, fresh off her night winking and talking about drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, for launching them in Colorado.

Americans for American Energy: declaring victory one eco-terrorist at a time

Fresh off declaring a “total win” in the wake of the U.S. House allowing offshore drilling and oil-shale leasing bans to lapse, the conservative pro-domestic-energy group Americans for American Energy wasted no time pouncing on two prominent environmental groups.
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