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New NOM chairman Eastman was antigay expert at Coughlin impeachment hearing

Seven years ago the new head of the National Organization for Marriage, John Eastman, testified at a House impeachment hearing in Denver called by then-first-term-Rep. Greg Brophy. The staunch social conservative lawmaker from Wray drew national attention when he targeted Denver Judge John Coughlin as an "activist judge" who took it upon himself to make pro-gay laws from the bench.

What straw poll? A lesson for the Tea Party in Republican...

GOP 2012 presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney has decided to pass on the Iowa straw poll this summer, a warm-up event for the election-year Iowa caucuses, which increasingly have become a sort of warm-up event for the real primary campaigns. Romney's decision is making headlines as a risky move but the fact is non-incumbent winners of the GOP Iowa caucus don't win the GOP national nomination in any kind of consistent way. And the record of caucus winners is even less a predictor for success in the general election. As Romney knows and as the New York Times suggested Saturday, Iowa is now way too Christian right and Midwest parochial to serve as a barometer for Republican America.

Lamborn, Coffman join Christian-right suit against health care law

In its latest move against this year's federal health care law, Pat Robertson's Christian-right American Center for Law and Justice filed a brief in...

Faith, Freedom, and Fissures in the Right Wing Veneer

The cream of the right wing will gather in Washington this weekend to join entertainer Lee Greenwood and top GOP presidential candidates in showering...

Latest Pray-Away-The-Gay Study Light On Science

One of the authors of the latest "ex-gay" study is from the college that is considered the nation's evangelical flagship; the other is from...
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