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Lamborn’s Swanky Affair Not For ‘Sore Losers’

In a beguiling juxtaposition, Colorado Congressman Doug Lamborn is set to hobnob with the country's elite far-right movers and shakers at a fundraiser at...

The prophetic words of Patrick Davis on Huckabee and faith

We marked them back on Nov. 20, and now -- after Republican Mike Huckabee has inspired Iowa -- will officially deem them as The...

UPDATED: Attack Ads, Responses Mask Truth

One of two attack ads being aired in Colorado against Democratic Senate candidate Mark Udall beats up on the 2nd District Congressman for introducing...

Can Mike Huckabee Be A Human Slingshot?

A free-ranging interview with GOP strategist Patrick Davis on Mike Huckabee -

Chuck Norris Is Not The Only One Charmed by Huckabee

Patrick Davis, a former National Republican Senatorial Committee political director-turned-GOP consultant, used to support Fred Thompson in his bid for president. Now he likes...
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