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Colorado’s deadline to turn in ballot measure petitions is today. Here’s...

We already know six big questions that will be on your ballot to answer in the fall, from defining "industrial hemp" to lowering the required age for state...

Subprime lenders are asking Colorado lawmakers for more profits—again

Second verse, same as the first… Colorado’s largest subprime lender is back at the General Assembly, asking lawmakers once again if it can alter its lending...

Payday loan policy and the art of legislative compromise

DENVER -- De Jimenez is a single mother of three. She works in medical records and one of her children is in college. She...

Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso is Internet Japanese

House Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso, like most of his fellow lawmakers, has his own website, except his is in Japanese and it peddles payday loans.

Colorado GOP payday gamesmanship stokes already hot partisan fires

DENVER-- On Tuesday afternoon, Colorado Springs Republican Rep. Bob Gardner set off a firestorm on the House floor and in the Twittersphere when in the last hours of the 2011 legislative session he amended the annual rules bill to strip out regulations passed last year on payday lending. It was a surprise move sure to generate rancor and just the latest battle in the ongoing war over payday lending in the state.

Pro-payday lawmakers attempt late-session regulations roll-back

DENVER-- The payday lending industry isn't giving up on this legislative session in Colorado. Lawmakers who have failed at several attempts to roll back regulations passed last session limiting high payday interest rates and fees are now reportedly planning to attach to a bureaucratic rule-making bill an amendment that would thin the payday regulations. The legislative session ends at midnight tomorrow.

Bill to increase cost of payday loans dies in committee

A bill to increase fees on payday loans died Thursday, leaving consumer advocates happy and payday lenders less so.

‘Payday’ loan bill sails through House

Legislation changing last year's consumer protection law governing deferred deposit lending passed out of the House Thursday morning after being scheduled in a breakneck, three-day sprint to passage. The Republican sponsor of the bill, Rep. Larry Liston, Colorado Springs, said House Bill 1290 instates a non-refundable origination fee that last year's law was meant to contain. Mark Ferrandino, D-Denver, the sponsor of last year's HB 1351, said the bill was never meant to have that provision.

Payday loan providers help introduce bipartisan bill to House

The battle over payday loan fees will strain partisan loyalties at the Legislature again this year as new legislation was introduced Friday in the House.

In debate, Garnett calls Suthers ‘attorney general for the tea party’

Candidate debates can be boring. Once in awhile, though, the fur flies. That was the case yesterday in Loveland, according to the Reporter Herald, when...
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