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Udall pleased House Republicans agreed to end ‘political brinksmanship’ on payroll...

Colorado U.S. Sen. Mark Udall this afternoon said he hopes a deal between House Republicans and Senate leaders to end a payroll tax-cut stalemate signals a new willingness for both parties to work together after the holidays.

Colorado Dems pile on Romney for lack of leadership during payroll...

Colorado Democrats today joined the Obama administration in going after Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney for calling a payroll tax extension for 160 million Americans a “temporary little Band-Aid.”

Desperate Obama hard sells jobs package designed to please

President Obama pitched his American Jobs Act before a joint session of Congress Thursday evening, pleading his case with proposals clearly designed to win bipartisan approval and demanding action with tough campaign-style rhetoric. The nature of the talk, a desperate soft and hard sell, underlined the fact that Americans are stuck hoping the most frustratingly partisan government in modern history can summon the wherewithal to finally address the job-killing recession that has plagued the country for years and that shows no sign of letting up anytime soon.