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Minus Lamborn, Colorado congressional delegation pushes for wind energy tax credit

Eight of Colorado's nine congressional delegates are calling for the extension of the federal wind production tax credit to be added to the nation's pending payroll tax reduction package.

Republicans want to raise taxes; Democrats don’t

It must be opposite day. Republicans, many of whom have pledged to not even consider any plan that raises taxes, are clamoring to raise the payroll tax. Democrats, many of whom have said the country can't be serious about cutting the deficit if taxes can't be raised, are fighting tooth and nail to keep this year's payroll tax reduction in place for at least one more year.

Sal Pace rails against raising payroll tax

As Speaker of the House John Boehner prepares for a weekend fundraiser for Rep. Scott Tipton in Aspen, Tipton's Democratic challenger went on the offensive Tuesday, saying he's had it with a Republican Congress that publicly rails against any and all taxes while quietly working to end a small tax reduction enjoyed by workers for the past year.
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