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Pinnacol spending bill may limit expenses even further

A bill designed to put a stop to lavish "business" trips taken by government entities, such as Pinnacol Assurance, was laid over Wednesday after Democratic senators proclaimed the bill still too lenient with taxpayer dollars. The bill was laid over in the Senate Judiciary Committee to determine support for an amendment.

More pain lined up for big-spending Pinnacol execs

Democratic state Rep. Sal Pace's bill (pdf) seeking to rein in Pinnacol Assurance executive spending passed unanimously through the Republican-controlled House State Affairs committee last week. If that vote is any measure, the bill will pass into law in the next couple of months with little resistance. Indeed Pace's legislation will very likely gain more steam in April when a task force reviewing Pinnacol spending on travel for the last two years reports its findings. If what the public already knows about tax-exempt Pinnacol's executive travel habits is any measure, get ready for more bombshells from a Colorado battle-line in the lopsided contemporary American class war.

Hickenlooper makes Pinnacol appointments

Gov. John Hickenlooper has signed Executive Orders to appoint John Plotkin and John Cevette to the Pinnacol Assurance Board of Directors.
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