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JeffCo voters were pro-recall but not sure where they’re headed

Jefferson County voters cared more about kicking out three conservative school board members than about who replaced them. Recent voter turnout numbers showed that more...

Littwin: Who knows how to deal with Donald Trump?

Let's all agree on this much after the opening night of the GOP debates: Donald Trump, the star of the show, did not disappoint. He...

Wiretap: It’s not just another crisis

  It's not a border crisis. It's not an immigration crisis. It's not a crisis caused by the Dreamers' debate. It's not a crisis that...

Noonan: Palin is a nincompoop (and so is Dan Maes)

Ronald Reagan speech writer and Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan lit up the blogosphere Friday with an election postmortem in which she called...

BREAKING: Conservative pundits slam Palin as ‘gimmick’

Former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan and close John McCain ally Mike Murphy were caught in an off-air but open mike conversation with MSNBC political analyst Chuck Todd just hours ago criticizing vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin's lack of experience and the "gimmick" of having a woman on the ticket. Noonan, who carries considerable weight in GOP circles, is clearly heard to say "it's over" with respect to the Republican presidential race. Read the rough transcript below the fold.
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