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Hillary Clinton at the DNC: ‘Barack Obama is my candidate’

For all the hoopla about embittered New York Senator Hillary Clinton hijacking the Democratic National Convention, the erstwhile presidential candidate deferred to Barack Obama during her 25 minute speech at the Pepsi Center on Tuesday night. "Barack Obama is my candidate," said Clinton amid cheers. "And he must be our President."

Legal observers document strong police presence at DNC anti-war protest

Anti-war protesters at Monday's Re-create 68 rally produced a spectacle of orange and white peace flags, but the dozens of legal observers present kept their eyes on the less-colorful police. Volunteers with the People's Law Project, a group defending the rights of protesters, accompanied activists as they marched from the Colorado State Capitol to the Pepsi Center. Sporting bright green baseball caps, the legal observers shot photos of police and took notes on their interactions with the protesters; the information may be used in the case of a lawsuit.
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