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GOP mum on Rep. Lori Saine’s lynching comment, which Dems call...

Colorado House Republicans are not taking a position on a controversial statement about lynching victims that the GOP caucus leader made during a resolution...

Three GOP congressional districts will have primary races

The 4th CD race will feature at least three candidates seeking to replace Cory Gardner, while two incumbents face challenges in the June 24 primary

Littwin: Republicans deal out a hand of overreach poker at the...

Looking at the array of problems facing Democrats in this post-recall election year, what do the Republicans do? That's right, just what you'd expect them to do.

Read the bill: Colorado Republicans rally around proposal to outlaw abortion

The bill is unconstitutional, doomed to quick legislative death, redundant and politically deadly. Republicans made a statement, either by signing on to it or by not signing on to it.

At gay-rights event, GOP Rep. Nikkel speaks on battling bigotry to...

Colorado state Representative B.J. Nikkel, R-Loveland, this weekend said the experience of bigotry and intimidation she experienced last spring during the debate over a same-sex civil unions bill has strengthened her position in support of the bill. She said that, even though she's not running for reelection and won't be at the capitol to vote, she's confident that conservatives will come to see the bill as consistent with their social values and that next year's version of the bill will pass with significant Republican backing.
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