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Romney’s shaky record on abortion draws attack from left and right

As Saturday's South Carolina primary voting draws close, presidential candidate Mitt Romney is being savaged on the right for his shifting stance on abortion, just as he was savaged months ago on the left for his shifting stance on abortion.

Personhood Amendent slammed by voters

Opponents of Amendment 62, Colorado's so-called Personhood Amendment, claimed another resounding victory – this time by an overwhelming 73-27 margin. “Tonight's victory sends a strong...

Personhood backers disavow Nazi website but agree with comparisons

Personhood Colorado Director Gualberto Garcia Jones Tuesday told the Colorado Independent that his organization did not agree with a Facebook page portraying No on 62 campaign members as Nazis. However, he said the dehumanizing thought process that allowed the planned extermination of 5.9 million Jews during the Nazi regime bears similarities to what he sees as the misinformed perception that zygotes are not human.

Rape victims deem Buck’s support of abortion ban ‘appalling’

Amendment 62 and Republican Ken Buck’s campaign for the United States Senate seat held by Democrat Michael Bennet have come together to create the perfect storm for women’s rights advocates in Colorado.

Gardner wrong when he says Markey only one talking about social...

“Right now the only person talking about social issues in this campaign is Betsy Markey.” That’s what Cory Gardner told Al Malmbert Oct. 5...

Schieffer lets Buck slide on Face the Nation

Looks like CBS anchor Bob Schieffer did about two minutes worth of homework prior to his interview with Ken Buck Sunday on Face the...

No on 62 to rally against ‘Personhood’ in Colorado Springs

Organizers say “a broad-based coalition of nurses, doctors, faith and religious leaders, attorneys, community groups and health advocacy organizations” will rally in Colorado Springs...

Buck, Bennet split on personhood’s impacts on contraception

Republican U.S Senate candidate Ken Buck's campaign says the Weld County DA supports birth control if it does not stop the implantation of a zygote in the uterine wall, while incumbent Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet's campaign this week said the senator believes in choice.

Personhood’s Jones says amendment’s effects exaggerated but real

DENVER - Personhood Amendment backer and Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes recently said he doesn't think Amendment 62 will have much effect if passed by voters in November - in particular he said he doesn't feel it will outlaw abortion. But Personhood Colorado Director Guelberto Garcia Jones says that while detractors are exaggerating the consequences, very real changes to Colorado's reproductive policy landscape will occur if it passes, including eliminating abortion, ending stem cell research and greatly changing the method by which in vitro fertilization is conducted.

Personhood USA submits 15,000 new signatures in support of Colorado anti-abortion...

Anti-abortion group Personhood USA has submitted 46,671 new petition signatures to the Colorado Secretary of State's office in a second attempt to land an initiative...
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