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Wiretap: Nation’s bills piling up untouched on Boehner’s desk

Whatever happens on Capitol Hill to default or to avoid default, Charlie Cook says Congressional leaders of yore would be ashamed. Of course they would. Isn't everyone?

Personhood Colorado not taking no for an answer

Jennifer Mason, spokeswoman for Personhood Colorado, told the Colorado Independent, she believes it's not too late for her group to land its anti-abortion initiative on the ballot in Colorado this year.

Personhood drive fails to clear signature hurdle in Colorado; supporters plan...

DENVER-- The Colorado secretary of state announced today that the petition drive to land an anti-abortion "personhood" initiative on the November ballot failed to qualify, missing the mark by roughly 4,000 signatures. Personhood Colorado plans to protest the signature tallies released by the secretary of state and is confident the measure will appear for a vote this year.

‘No Personhood’ Colorado campaign cautions against big government

DENVER-- A rally hosted here Thursday on the steps of the capitol by this year's "No Personhood Campaign" featured speakers who decried government intervention into citizens' private lives and admonished overreaching political activists who would tap the organs of the state to solve perceived social ills.

Coffman, Gardner mute on 2012 Personhood Amendment, as initiative advances

Even as Colorado's review board for ballot initiatives has approved the wording of the proposed personhood amendment, and the race is on to find enough signatures to put it on the November ballot, Colorado Republican U.S. Representatives Mike Coffman and Cory Gardner have yet to state whether they will support the initiative this year, as they did in 2010.

VIDEO: Personhood, killed in Mississippi, may be headed for ballot in...

Perhaps believing the third time is the charm, Personhood Colorado has announced it will once again seek to amend the Colorado constitution in order to define human life as beginning at the moment of conception. If passed by voters, the proposed amendment would ban all abortions except to save the life of the mother.

Colorado Personhood fails by wide margin to draw requisite number of...

The Secretary of State announced Wednesday that Personhood Colorado failed to turn in enough signatures in support of its anti-abortion initiative to...

Struggling ‘personhood’ forces face determined opposition

On Friday, Personhood Colorado turned into the Secretary of State 79,817 signatures in support of its initiative-- not even 4,000 more than the 76,047 needed to land its proposed anti-abortion "personhood" proposal on the ballot in November. Thousands of signatures are routinely thrown out in the process of validating initiative petitions. The group's amendment seeks to grant fertilized human eggs the full spectrum of rights enjoyed by U.S. citizens. The difficulty its sponsors seem to have had gathering support suggests the idea they are promoting is no more attractive now to Coloradans than it was in 2008, when they defeated a similar proposal in a landslide vote.

Personhood initiative lining up friends and foes

A version of the anti-abortion initiative soundly defeated by Colorado voters in 2008 is making its way to the 2010 ballot, this time reworked as an "egg-as-a-person" initiative. This new version would move the legal definition of a person further back into the reproductive cycle, granting cells the full spectrum of citizen rights. Opposition groups, including Colorado genetic and fertilization researchers, say the law would have spiraling consequences, that it would put women at risk and freeze current work in medicine and reproduction.
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